Here at Rushani's our motto is 'real food real people'.

This means we want to stick to certain principles when preparing and serving food for you.

  • 'Real Food' means using ingredients your grandparents would recognise. It means not substituting or imitating according to the latest fashion. It means wholesale ingredients lovingly prepared.
  • 'Real People' do exist. You can recognise them by their down=to-earth, friendly and respectful attitude. We are proud to serve and employ these people.
  • 'Price' and 'cost' are not equal. Something may be cheaply priced and yet the social, environmental or animal welfare cost may be unacceptably high. We believe in charging a fair price for a quality product.
  • Business should be fun and worthwhile. It should serve families and communities. It should bring people together. We therefore aim to nurture sustainable relationships with the very best suppliers, to employ and educate the most passionate people and to enrich the lives of our customers at every turn.

Flavour reigns supreme every time!